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Electric Parallel gripper

DG-2F demonstrates strong performance even in the harshest environments.
This model is suitable for reliably performing repeated tasks in harsh environments where oil vapor, moisture, and dust coexist.
It is suitable for precise object transfer work in the food and beverage (F&B), biotech, information technology (IT), and electronics industries.

Safety fail

This model has a built-in internal brake and holds objects safely even when the power is turned off.

Modular design

The modular design allows the gripper's drive motors to be changed from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 4, enabling a wide range of performance at a reasonable price.

Design with proven durability

Designed based on proven element technology of humanoid robot hand

Plug and Play

Supports URcaps and can be easily linked to UR-e series collaborative robots.


Pick-and-place process that requires strong stability

Bin-picking and machine tending work with limited gripping objects, etc.

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