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Robot Palletizing Solution

A robotic picking solution that enables the transport and manipulation of various objects. This is an automated handling solution that integrates the DG-3F model, robot arm, and vision system, providing an optimized gripping method according to the material, shape, and size of the pre-learned object. It is suitable for manufacturing and logistics industries that require bin picking and piece picking of various objects.


Description : 

Recognize the box invoice and sort the box according to the delivery area 

Palletizing and wrapping work is performed using robots and automation facilities.

- Hold up to 5 boxes at the same time for quick operation (up to 600 mm bundle = 120 mm x 5 pieces) 

- Start time at least 2 seconds

- Invoice unrecognized classification response

Condition : 

- Object Weight: Up to 13 kg

- Object size: Width x Length x Height – 530x430x60 mm

- Maximum load height: 2.15 m

- Conditions for stacking only one type of box on one pallet

- Safety fences may be installed in accordance with site regulations

- Box specification should be written in barcode form on exterior


Can load up to 1800/h with 5 simultaneous boxes 

(different by box size and loading height)