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Delto Gripper, 

3-finger robot gripper that can flexibly adapt to various environments

This is a robot gripper that can flexibly and stably handle a variety of objects regardless of the size, shape, or material of the object to be gripped.

This 3-finger, 12-degree-of-freedom gripper is as versatile as a human hand and can be used in a wide range of applications. You can maximize the utility value of the robot with a single, versatile gripper. Quick implementation of tasks is possible through the software provided with the product. (Plug&Play function supported for UR-e series collaborative robots)

Electoronics and Control

All H/W and S/W required for control are built-in through highly integrated electronic design technology.

Modular design

H/W complexity is low and maintenance/repair is easy.

Design with proven durability

Designed based on element technology verified through technology transfer (KITECH)

Plug and Play

Supports URcaps and can be easily linked to UR-e series collaborative robots.


Voltage: 24[V] DC

Current consumption: 0.6 - 5[A]

Communication: Modbus RS-485, TCP/IP, I/O

Encoder: Absolute encoder (resolution 16bit, 0.005[deg])

Motor: DCmotor 

Degree of freedom: 12 degrees of freedom (4 degrees of freedom/finger)

Torque: 0.70[Nm]

Weight: 1,000[g]


Industrial sites where various tasks are mixed and robot utilization services combined

Multi-product line pick-and-place process

Part assembly, bin picking, shelf picking, etc.

Discover the infinite value of robots with Delto Gripper